Serious injury & disability

Other people's stories

Here are video clips of people affected by disabilities after injury. The clips cover the perspectives of people with disabilities, as well as their partners and parents.

All video clips are captioned for those with hearing impairments. There’s also a full text transcript of each clip, if you are using a screen reader.

Rebuilding after an injury

People with traumatic brain injuries and spinal injuries share their personal experiences of rebuilding their lives after their injuries. Go to the stories.

Partners and parents

Partners and parents candidly relate the highs and lows as their injured whānau/family members rehabilitate and return home. Go to the stories.

Tips for living with a disability

Frank advice on what it’s like having someone help with your personal care, and tips for keeping fit and healthy. Go to the stories.


Stories from people going back to work following a long break due to a disabling injury. Go to the stories.