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Paralympics New Zealand

Paralympic New Zealand and ACC logos joined together as one to show partnership

ACC has chosen to be a Major Partner of Paralympics New Zealand, supporting the New Zealand Paralympic Games Team on their road to Rio. This page tells you why we’re in this partnership, and its importance to our clients, staff and the rest of New Zealand – and where you can watch free-to-air coverage when the Games start in September! 

Watch free-to air coverage of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

In partnership with Paralympics New Zealand, TVNZ, Attitude Pictures and ACC are a proud sponsor of what will be the most free-to-air television coverage ever shown in New Zealand of the Paralympic Games. We’ll all be able watch free-to-air coverage of the Games on TV One, DUKE, OnDemand, and on The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games take place in Rio from 7 to 18 September 2016.

View a daily schedule of the events that New Zealand’s
athletes are competing in via the link:

Supporting New Zealanders' rehabilitation and recovery

Evidence shows that if someone seriously injured gets more physically active through access to sports, not only do they get fitter but they also find that there’s a social side too. Getting fit and making new friends all helps their rehabilitation following their serious injury.

Let's inspire and motivate all New Zealanders, so that more of them start thinking that nothing can stop them from living healthy and active lives. ACC and New Zealand Paralympics hope to do this by promoting our paralympian role models, who clearly show to all the world that nothing can stop you from getting involved in sport and its benefits, especially for those groups who might feel excluded.

NZ paralympics team smiling and looking relaxed at a recent function.

Here’s the New Zealand Paralympic Games Team – we wish them the very best as they compete on the world stage in Rio.

Promoting inclusion

ACC's partnership with Paralympics New Zealand promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities in society, and supports and encourages all New Zealanders to live healthy, active lives.

ACC SportSmart ‘play to your strengths’

ACC's partnership with New Zealand Paralympics provides an opportunity to build awareness of the ACC SportSmart programme and principles and, in the context of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, encourages all New Zealanders to lead healthy, active lives. ACC SportSmart principles apply to people of all athletic abilities and levels of physical activity; from ‘the dog walker’, ‘the weekend warrior’ and everyday athlete, to the club player, semi-professional, and professional athlete.

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