Serious injury & disability

When can I go back to work?

As soon as you’re ready.

If you were working when you were injured, your Support or Service Coordinator will have kept your employer up to date on your progress while you were in rehabilitation.

Help getting back to work

Your Coordinator will help you to return to work or to find work. If you can’t go back to the job you were doing before your injury, they’ll arrange independent assessments to establish the impacts that your injury may have on your abilities at work and the types of work you can consider doing.

Services that help people with disabilities to return to work, or to find work and keep it are availiable. These services can include:

  • talking to your employer about a gradual return to work, the kinds of job best suited to you, and modifications to your workplace
  • identifying the types of job you might do if you’re not able to go back to the one you had before your injury, or if you’ve not had a job before
  • exploring any further training or qualifications you need to get into a suitable job
  • job search activities, including advice on using personal contacts, employment agencies, Work and Income and the internet to find jobs in your area
  • helping with your CV and practice at writing job applications and doing job interviews.

Your Support or Service Coordinator will continue to work with you to help you to stay at work. 

Find out more about  how your Coordinator can help you to plan your return to work.

WORKABLE (external link) is a part of the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment website that has disability-relevant information for job seekers and employers.

What happens if I can’t get a job or the job doesn’t work out?

We understand that getting back into work after a serious injury isn’t always easy and we will help you to explore safe employment options.

If a job that suits your skills and abilities isn’t available immediately, or you find that a job doesn’t work out for you, your Support Coordinator will make sure that any weekly compensation for loss of earnings continues while you keep looking. 

If a job doesn’t work out, you’ll still get help from us to find a job that does suit you.

Learn from the experience of others

We fund many programmes to help people return to work. There’s one called ‘Supported Employment’ that helps people with disabilities find and stay in paid employment.

Free DVD

A free DVD is available called 'Supported Employment: Working Towards Independence' featuring the stories of three people using this specialist service to help them achieve their employment goals. To order the Supported Employment DVD, email:

Take a look at some video clips from our clients talking about their experiences of returning to work.