Serious injury & disability

Help for partners, parents & carers

We have developed web-based resources and free DVDs for partners, parents and carers supporting people who are seriously injured.

Web-based resources

Partners, parents and carers can read the advice in the Support for parents and carers section

Carers and parents of children with disabilities can also look at the Useful resources section.

Free DVDs

Partner or parent of a person with a disability

If you’re the partner or parent of someone who has a disability following an injury, you can order a copy of our free DVD called 'Living After a Serious Injury' that tells the stories of six people and their families following a serious injury.

This hour-long DVD shows people who have been seriously injured talking about their journeys to rebuild their lives. It also features their partners, parents and caregivers talking about what they’ve been through and how they’ve coped.

To order the 'Living After a Serious Injury' DVD, email:

Parent of a child with a disability

If you’re the parent of a child with a disability, you can order your copy of the free DVD 'Children with a Serious Injury'.

In the DVD, three families share their experiences and show how they’ve dealt with the difficult task of helping their children along on the road to becoming young adults.

To order the 'Children with a Serious Injury' DVD, email: